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Alabama Civil Statute of Limitations Laws

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Injury to Person Under a contract: 6 yrs. §6-2-34(9); In general 2 yrs. §6-2-38(l)
Libel/Slander 2 yrs. §6-2-38(k)
Fraud 2 yrs. from accrual of action (discovery) §6-2-3
Injury to Personal Property Negligence: 2 yrs (§6-2-38(l)) or Trespass: 6 yrs. (§6-2-34)
Professional Malpractice Medical: 2 yrs. §6-5-482
Trespass 6 yrs. §6-2-34(1, 2)
Collection of Rents 6 yrs. §6-2-34(5)
Contracts Written: 10 yrs. if under seal; 6 yrs. if not §§6-2-33 to 6-2-34; Oral: 6 yrs. §6-2-34(9)
Collection of Debt on Account 6 yrs. stated liquidated account; 3 yrs. open unliquidated account §§6-2- 34(5) and 6-2-37
Judgments 20 yrs. §6-2-32

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