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Alabama Living Wills Laws

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Code Section 22-8A Natural Death Act
Specific Powers, Life-Prolonging ActsAny medical procedure or intervention serving only to prolong the dying process and where death will occur whether or not such intervention is utilized; does not include medication or any medical procedure deemed necessary to provide comfort care or pain alleviation
Legal Requirements for Valid Living Will(1) Competent adult; (2) in writing; (3) signed by declarant; (4) dated; (5) signed in presence of 2 or more witnesses over 19; (6) declaration should be substantially in statutory format
Revocation of Living WillRevocable at any time by (1) destruction of document in manner intending to cancel; (2) execution of written revocation by declarant; (3) oral revocation in presence of adult witness (over 19)
Validity from State-to-StateDeclaration executed in another state is valid if valid under laws of that state
If Physician Unwilling to Follow Living WillPhysician shall permit the patient to be transferred
Immunity for Attending PhysicianNo criminal, civil, or professional liability for physician acting in good faith pursuant to reasonable medical standards and pursuant to a declaration

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