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Arizona Marijuana Laws

In 2010, voters passed the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. The citizen initiative (Proposition 203) called on the Arizona Department of Health Services to create a medical marijuana program. About 50,000 people participate in Arizona's medical marijuana program.

But recreational use of marijuana, possession with intent to sell, possession or sale of more than 28 grams, and non-medical cultivation of marijuana are still serious crimes in Arizona.

The basics of Arizona marijuana laws are highlighted in the table below. See Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation and Medical Marijuana Laws by State to learn more.

Code Section 13-3401, 3405; 36-2501, et seq.
Possession Under 2 lb.: Class 6 felony; 2-4 lbs.: Class 5 felony; 4 lbs. and over: Class 4 felony; fine of not less than $750 or 3 times the value of the controlled substance, whichever is greater
Sale Under 2 lbs.: Class 4 felony; 2-4 lbs.: Class 3 felony; over 4 lbs.: Class 2 felony: fine of the greater of $750 or 3 times value of substance; Sale within drug-free school zone: add 1 yr. to sentence and fine of $2000
Trafficking Producing marijuana: less than 2 lbs.: Class 5 felony; 2-4 lbs.: Class 4 felony; Over 4 lbs.: Class 3 felony; Transporting/importing: less than 2 lbs.: Class 3 felony; Over 2 lbs.: Class 2 felony

Note: State laws are constantly changing -- please contact an Arizona criminal defense attorney or conduct your own legal research to verify the state law(s) you are researching.

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