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Tucson Courthouses

Last updated: November 13, 2013

An outsider might imagine Tucson to be similar to Hollywood visions of the old west, but that couldn’t be more false. Pima County has always been a beacon of civilization and culture. We have beautiful architecture, quality schools, and festivals devoted to books, natural resources, arts, music, and even the diversity among Tucsonans. Consistent with our true culture, we have a court system that aims to protect everyone and which allows us all to thrive. FindLaw presents this guide to Tucson courts to help you make the most of your rights in Old Pueblo.

As with each of the other 49 states, Arizona has its own court system in addition to a federal judiciary. Each case begins in one of three trial court levels. If a party to litigation disagrees with a court ruling, that party generally has a right of appeal to the Arizona Court of Appeals. From there, the Arizona Supreme Court may hear further appeals at its discretion.

In Pima County and the rest of Arizona, the Superior Court is the state-wide trial court and handles all types of cases -- criminal and civil, and for a variety of forms of judicial resolution. Tucson also features a county justice court and city court. These two courts typically hear relatively minor criminal cases and civil disputes involving smaller amounts of money.