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Denver Courthouses

Last updated: October 16, 2013

What's not to like about the Mile High City? Denver is at once both a thriving metropolitan area and a region associated with parks, recreation, and a healthy lifestyle. All of that can make for a peaceful existence, a mile-high above the fray. But in reality, we have legal issues in Colorado too. Denver being the capital, is at the center of Colorado's legal system. As a consequence we have numerous courts, both state and federal. But don't worry because here's a guide to help you find the court you need. 

Colorado Court Systems

There are two basic categories of cases: (1) Criminal Cases and (2) Civil Cases. Criminal cases are those cases where the government is charging an individual with wrongful conduct, and if convicted, the defendant may have to go to jail. Civil cases are everything else. Cases are further divided according to which court may resolve the issues.

Denver's state courts handle most of our everyday legal matters and make up Colorado's 2nd Judicial District. Every case starts out in the District Court level. After the case is heard, a party may appeal to the Colorado Court of Appeals and possibly the Colorado Supreme Court.  Federal courts are much more limited in the cases they can hear. It's a good idea to talk to an attorney to find out which court is appropriate for your case.