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Fort Lauderdale Courthouses

Last updated: September 27, 2013

Fort Lauderdale is just one city out of many in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. The 17th Circuit covers all of Broward County and only Broward County. These are the state trial courts that hear most civil cases, criminal felony cases, and appeals from Broward County Court.

The Broward County Court is located in Ft. Lauderdale’s Judicial Complex, which also hosts the main courthouse for the 17th Judicial Circuit Court. The county courts hear civil, criminal misdemeanor, and traffic cases. For more information on the Broward County Court, visit the Clerk of the Courts website. The site identifies frequently asked questions on a wide range of topics including: jury service, citations, parking/code enforcement, marriages and other licenses, forms, and records. Fort Lauderdale also has a federal building and courthouse nearby.