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Illinois Marriage Age Requirements Laws

States laws impose age limits for marriage in most cases, particularly for minors without parental consent. These laws typically are intended to protect young people from exploitation. Illinois marriage age requirements are set at 18 for couples without parental consent, and 16 for those with consent.

The main provisions of Illinois marriage age requirements are listed in the table below. See FindLaw's Marriage Law section for additional articles and resources.

Code Section 750 ILCS 5/203, 5/208
Minimum Legal Age With Parental Consent Male: 16; Female: 16
Minimum Legal Age Without Parental Consent Male: 18; Female: 18
Comments If no parents to consent, judicial consent with finding that parties are capable of marriage. No provisions for marriage under age 16.

Note: State laws are constantly changing -- contact an Illinois family law attorney or conduct your own legal research to verify the state law(s) you are researching.

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