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Indiana Durable Power of Attorney Laws

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Code Section 16-36-1-1, et seq. Health Care Consent
Specific Powers, Life-Prolonging ActsAppoint a representative to act in matters affecting the appointer's health care: any care, treatment, service, or procedure to maintain, diagnose, or treat an individual's physical or mental condition including admission to a health care facility and disclosure of medical records to health care provide; this appointment does not affect individual's authorization re: life-prolonging measures (i.e. a living will)
Legal Requirements for Durable Power of Attorney(1) In writing; (2) signed by appointer; (3) witnessed by adult; (4) may specify conditions and terms of the authority delegated; (5) begins when appointer becomes incapable of consenting
Revocation of Durable Power of AttorneyIndividual capable of consenting to health care may revoke appointment at any time by notifying representative or health care provider orally or in writing. Individual who may consent to his own health care may disqualify others from consenting or revoking appointment for the individual (disqualification must be in writing)
Validity from State-to-State-
If Physician Unwilling to Follow Durable Power of Attorney-
Immunity for Attending PhysicianNo criminal, civil, or professional liability for a physician acting in good faith in reliance on the agent's direction

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