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Iowa Abortion Laws

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Code Section 707.7; et seq.; §707.8A found unconstitutional, Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa, Inc. v. Miller, 195 F. 3rd 386 (1999).
Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion"Feticide": Intentional termination of human pregnancy after end of second trimester. "Abortion": Termination of a human pregnancy with the intent other than to produce a live birth or remove a dead fetus. "Partial Birth Equivalent": A person who intentionally kills a viable fetus aborted alive shall be guilty of a Class B felony.
Statutory Definition of Legal AbortionNecessary to preserve life or health of mother or fetus; after end of second trimester with every reasonable effort made to preserve life of viable fetus
Penalty for Unlawful AbortionClass C felony (attempted feticide-Class D felony)
Consent Requirements-
Residency Requirements for Patients-
Physician Licensing RequirementsLicensed M.D.

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