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Kansas Abortion Laws

Explanation of Chart and More Information on Abortion Laws

Code Section 65-6701 et seq.
Statutory Definition of Illegal AbortionTo perform or induce abortion when fetus is viable, that is, in attending physician's best medical judgement, fetus is capable of sustained survival outside the uterus without extraordinary medical means
Statutory Definition of Legal AbortionAs long as fetus is not viable (and mother's informed consent obtained); abortion of viable fetus permitted if 2nd M.D. certifies that abortion is necessary to preserve life of mother or fetus has severe, life-threatening deformity or abnormality
Penalty for Unlawful AbortionClass A nonperson misdemeanor
Consent RequirementsInformed consent of all women before abortion (not applicable in emergency); notice must be given to one of unemancipated minor's parents or guardian (court can waive notice requirement on finding minor sufficiently mature or notice not in minor's best interest)
Residency Requirements for Patients-
Physician Licensing RequirementsLicensed M.D.; 2nd M.D. (not financially associated with 1st M.D.) to certify abortion of viable fetus to preserve life of mother

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