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Kansas Durable Power of Attorney Laws

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Code Section 58-625 et seq. Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions
Specific Powers, Life-Prolonging ActsConsent, refuse consent, or withdraw consent to any care, treatment, service, or procedure to maintain, diagnose, or treat a physical or mental condition and make decisions about organ donation, autopsy, and disposition of body; make all necessary arrangements for principal at any hospital/facility and employ health care personnel; request and review and execute any information regarding principal's affairs, including medical and hospital records.
Legal Requirements for Durable Power of Attorney(1) Writing must have words of intent that principal conferred authority to be exercised notwithstanding principal's subsequent incapacity; (2) dated; (3) signed; (4) in presence of 2 adult witnesses or notarized; (5) substantially in statutory form of §58-632 (6) effective upon occurrence of principal's disability or incapacity
Revocation of Durable Power of AttorneyBy an instrument in writing witnessed as required for power of attorney or "set out another manner of revocation, if desired."
Validity from State-to-StateAny durable power of attorney for health care decisions which is valid under the laws of the state of the principal's residence at the time it was signed is valid under the act.
If Physician Unwilling to Follow Durable Power of Attorney-
Immunity for Attending Physician-

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