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Kentucky Legal Ages Laws

More Information on Minors and the Law

Age of Majority18 (§2.015)
Eligibility for EmancipationNot specified
Contracts by MinorsValid for necessities; otherwise, common law generally governs; exception made for war veterans under §384.090 and for borrowing for educational purpose with parental consent (§287.385)
Minors' Ability to SueMay sue by guardian or next friend if unmarried (CR 17.03); if married, may sue on his or her own (CR 17.02)
Minors' Consent to Medical TreatmentMinors of any age may consent to emergency care or treatment for pregnancy, drug/alcohol abuse, or venereal disease. Minors 16 or older may consent to mental health treatment. Emancipated minors may consent to any treatment (§222.441).

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