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Louisiana Criminal Statute of Limitations Laws

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Code SectionCrim. Proc. Art. 571 et seq., 572, 575
FeloniesCrimes with punishment of death or life imprisonment: none; felony punishable by hard labor: 6 yrs.; felony not necessarily punishable by hard labor: 4 yrs.; forcible rape, none; forcible rape, sexual battery (aggravated), carnal knowledge, indecent behavior or molestation of juvenile, crime against nature involving victim under 17 yrs. of age: 10 yrs. beginning when victim turns 18 yrs. old
MisdemeanorsPunishment of fine or forfeiture: 6 mos.; fine and/or prison: 2 yrs.
Acts During Which Statute Does Not RunAvoiding detection, fleeing, outside state, absent residence in state; lacks mental capacity to proceed at trial

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