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Louisiana Wills Laws

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Code SectionC.C. Art. 1476, 1575, 1577, 1578, 1579, 1581
Age of TestatorTo have the capacity to make a donation inter vivos or mortis causa, a person must also be able to comprehend generally the nature and consequences of the disposition that he is making. Minor over 16 can dispose only mortis causa (in prospect of death).
Number of WitnessesSigned in presence of notary and two competent witnesses.
Nuncupative (Oral Wills)Valid by: (1) Public Act: must be received by notary public in presence of 3 witnesses residing in place of execution or 5 not residing in place; must be written by notary as dictated and read to testator in presence of witnesses; must be signed by testator or expressly mentioned why he cannot and signed by at least one witness; (2) Act Under Private Signature: written by testator or another from his dictation and presented in front of 5 witnesses who reside in place of execution or 7 who do not (3 and 5 consecutively, if in the country and no other witnesses can be had).
Holographic WillsValid if entirely written, dated, and signed by testator; it is not subject to any other formality and may be made anywhere (even out-of-state).

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