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Maryland Gun Control Laws

Gun owners tend to be passionate about their rights to bear arms. And the general public mostly has safety as its main concern when it comes to gun ownership. In the end, it's up to the states to balance those two interests. Each state can have different laws and they can overlap with federal law. So trying to get a handle on gun regulations can be a bit tricky. Here's a brief summary of gun control laws in Maryland.

Maryland Gun Control Laws

State gun control laws regulate the purchase and use of firearms, and can vary from state to state. Short-barreled rifles and shotguns are prohibited under Maryland’s gun control laws. The state also imposes a 7-day waiting period for prospective gun buyers.

Maryland Gun Statutes

Not all states treat firearm laws the same way. The main provisions of Maryland's gun control laws are listed in the table below.

Code Section Art. 27 §§291A, 442, 481A, et seq.
Illegal Arms Short-barreled rifle or shotgun
Waiting Period 7 days
Who May Not Own 1. Fugitive from justice; 2. Convicted felon; convicted of crime of violence; 3. Habitual drunkard; 4. Addict/habitual user of narcotics/amphetamines/barbiturates; 5. If spent more than 30 consecutive days in mental institution for treatment; 6. Under 21 yrs.
Law Prohibiting Firearms On or Near School Grounds Misdemeanor. 27, 36A

While Maryland and other states have their own gun laws, federal law also regulates gun ownership by determining the kinds of firearms citizens may legally own. And where federal and state laws intersect, federal law always trumps state law. While the Second Amendment guarantees the ability to own certain firearms, the government can put some restrictions on the right to bear arms. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and the National Firearms Act both apply to Maryland gun owners, so it's important to be familiar with both statutes.

Maryland Gun Control Laws: Related Resources

State and federal firearms regulations can be confusing, especially when they overlap. If you have a criminal or civil case involving guns, or if you would like legal assistance to know your rights and responsibilities as a gun owner in Maryland, you can consult with an experienced Maryland attorney in your area. Or, if you have been injured by a gun in the state of Maryland, you may have recourse against the manufacturer, distributor, or owner of the gun. You can also find more general information on this topic in FindLaw’s gun law section.

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