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Maryland Legal Ages Laws

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Age of Majority18 (Art. 1, §24)
Eligibility for EmancipationMarried minor may buy or sell property and to join in deed, mortgage, lease, notes if spouse is of age (Est. & Tr. Art. 13 §503(a)); age 15 re insurance and cannot repudiate on basis of minority (Est. & Tr. Art. 13 §503(c)); or if in military, can enter into real estate transactions (Est. & Tr. Art. 13 §503 (b))
Contracts by MinorsIf not beneficial to minor, void ab initio, not ratifiable; if beneficial to minor or uncertain as to benefit or prejudice, voidable by infant, may be ratified at age 18; ratification may be express or through acceptance of benefits; voidable contract may be disaffirmed by minor during minority or reasonable time after age 18 (COML Art. 1 §103)
Minors' Ability to SueBy guardian, next friend, or parent (R.P. 2-202(b))
Minors' Consent to Medical TreatmentIf married or a parent or seeking help with drug use, alcoholism, VD, sexual assault, pregnancy, contraception, or if seeking consent would be life threatening (Health Gen. Art. 20 §102); minor 16 or older can consent to treatment for emotional disorder (Health Gen. Art. 20 §104)

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