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Minnesota Gun Control Laws

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Code Section609.66, 67; 624.713; 624.7132
Illegal ArmsSilencer; machine gun or machine gun conversion kit; short-barreled shotgun; spring gun; swivel guns, set guns
Waiting Period5 days
Who May Not Own1. Minor under 18: Pistol or semi-automatic military-style assault weapon, except under supervision of parent/guardian, military instruction, firing range, successful completion of training course; 2. Convicted of crime of violence unless 10 yrs. has elapsed or civil rights have been restored, including juveniles; 3. Mentally ill; 4. Convicted for unlawful use, possession, sale of controlled substance other than small amount of marijuana or person who's been hospitalized or committed for treatment for habitual use of controlled substance or marijuana unless proof that they haven't abused in 2 yrs.; 5. Chemically dependent; 6. Peace officer who is informally admitted to treatment facility for chemical dependency unless he receives certificate for discharge; 7. Pistol or semi-automatic military-style assault weapon: aliens, fugitives from justice, those dishonorably discharged from armed forces
Law Prohibiting Firearms On or Near School GroundsFelony. 609.66 Subd 1d

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