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Kansas City Courthouses

Last updated: October 11, 2013

Spanning almost 8,000 square miles across state lines, the Kansas City Metropolitan area is home to the country’s best barbeque, a vibrant jazz scene and a world class sports teams on both sides of the border. Due to the size of the city and its two-state nature, navigating Kansas City courts can be confusing. This guide contains helpful information about Kansas City courthouses in both Missouri and Kansas.

On the Missouri side are courthouses for the 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County. The Kansas City Courthouse on East 12th Street hears most civil cases, but certain types of cases, including family and juvenile matters and criminal cases, are heard at other locations. On the Kansas side, the Wyandotte County Courthouses contains all court divisions for the 29th Judicial District of Kansas and hears all types of cases arising out of Kansas City, Kansas.