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Missouri Durable Power of Attorney Laws

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Code Section 404.800, et seq. Durable Power of Attorney-for Health Care
Specific Powers, Life-Prolonging ActsMay make health care decisions, but no agent may authorize withdrawal of artificially supplied nutrition and hydration which the patient may ingest through natural means
Legal Requirements for Durable Power of Attorney(1) Signed; (2) dated; (3) includes provision that durable power shall not terminate if principal becomes disabled or incapacitated; (4) powers generally commence upon certification by 2 licensed physicians that patient is incapacitated
Revocation of Durable Power of AttorneyRevocable at any time in any manner by which patient is able to communicate the intent to revoke. Effective upon communication to agent or to physician
Validity from State-to-State-
If Physician Unwilling to Follow Durable Power of AttorneyPhysician may not impede the attorney-in-fact from transferring patient to another physician or facility
Immunity for Attending PhysicianAny third party acting in good faith may rely on the instructions of the attorney-in-fact without liability to the patient or the patient's successors-in-interest

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