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Nebraska Abortion Laws

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Code Section 71-6901, et seq.; 28-325 to 347
Statutory Definition of Illegal AbortionAct, procedure, device, or prescription administered to a woman to produce premature expulsion, removal, or termination of the human life within the womb of the pregnant woman unless the child's viability is threatened by continuation of the pregnancy
Statutory Definition of Legal AbortionBefore viability or if woman is victim of abuse or neglect or if the M.D. has certification in writing that the continued pregnancy is a threat to woman's life, health
Penalty for Unlawful AbortionClass III misdemeanor: M.D. who performs abortion in violation of any standards
Consent RequirementsUnemancipated woman under 18 yrs. old or incompetent requires at least 48 hr. written notice to a parent or guardian by delivery or certified mail; court may waive requirements if find woman is mature; parent may authorize abortion in writing; voluntary and informed consent of woman 24 hours before abortion, except in emergency
Residency Requirements for Patients-
Physician Licensing RequirementsLicensed M.D.

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