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Nevada Durable Power of Attorney Laws

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Code Section 449.800 et seq. Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
Specific Powers, Life-Prolonging ActsAttorney-in-fact has power to make health care decisions before or after death for disabled principal including consent, refusal of consent, or withdrawal of consent to any care, treatment, service, or procedure to maintain, diagnose, or treat physical or mental condition except treatment specifically stated: commitment to mental facility, convulsive treatment, psychosurgery, sterilization, or abortion or any other specifically designated treatments.
Legal Requirements for Durable Power of Attorney(1) Signed; (2) notarized or 2 witnesses; (3) sample form: §449-613 to designate person to make decision re: life-sustaining treatment; §449-830 mandatory form to create durable power of attorney.
Revocation of Durable Power of AttorneyDivorce revokes designation of former spouse. Power of attorney remains valid indefinitely unless principal designates shorter period or it is revoked or another power of attorney is executed subsequently.
Validity from State-to-State-
If Physician Unwilling to Follow Durable Power of Attorney-
Immunity for Attending Physician-

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