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Nevada Whistleblower Laws

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Code Section618.445
Prohibited Employer ActivityCan not discharge or discriminate if employee files a complaint, institutes a proceeding or testifies regarding a violation of health and safety statutes
Protection for Public or Private Employees?Both
Opportunity for Employer to Correct?-
RemediesCan file a complaint after first notifying employer and division, within 30 days of the violation for a reinstatement, back pay and lost work benefits

Code Section281.611, et seq.
Prohibited Employer ActivityCan not directly or indirectly intimidate, threaten, coerce, command, or influence another state officer or employee or prevent disclosure of violation of state law/regulation, abuse of authority, substantial and specific danger to public health or safety or gross waste of public money
Protection for Public or Private Employees?Public
Opportunity for Employer to Correct?-
RemediesCan file a written appeal with department of personnel within 2 years of disclosing; hearing officer can order person to desist and refrain from such action

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