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Hackensack Courthouses

Last updated: October 9, 2013

Hackensack -- It's a bus, train, or ferry ride away from Manhattan, but without all the noise and pollution. Bergen County is the most populous in the state of New Jersey with over 900,000 residents living in over 60 boroughs and towns, including the county seat of Hackensack. It's part of the larger New York Metropolitan area including other nearby counties such as Passaic.

If you have a court case and live in Hackensack, you know there are a myriad of courthouses servicing the area. If you have a civil, criminal, probate or family law matter, it’s likely in the New Jersey Superior Court.

Here we've highlighted the key New Jersey Superior Court systems you'll most likely encounter in Hackensack, as well as the rest of Bergen and Passaic Counties. Court branches included below are Civil, Criminal, General Equity and Probate, Family, Probation, and Municipal.