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New Mexico Adoption Laws

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Code Section 32A-5-1, et seq. (minor); 40-14-1 thru 15 (adult); Yes
Who May Be AdoptedAny person; any adult with his consent
Age that Child's Consent Needed10 years and older
Who May AdoptAny individual approved by the court as a suitable adoptive parent. If petitioner is married, spouse must join unless natural parent of adoptee or legally separated or excused from joining by court. Nonresidents may adopt if adoptee is resident or was born in state, is less than 6 mos. old and was placed by agency licensed in state
Home Residency Required Prior to Finalization of Adoption?60 days if less than one year old when placed; 120 days if more than one year old when placed (unless waived).
State Agency/CourtChildren, Youth and Families Dept./District Children and Court Division
Statute of Limitations to Challenge1 year (except where Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 prevails)

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