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New York Compulsory Education Laws

In New York, as in all U.S. states, compulsory education laws mandate some form of education for children from early childhood through their teens. Education is deemed a fundamental right and responsibility for each state to legislate and monitor. New York allows most alternative forms of education as well, including home schooling or private schools, and other exceptions.

The basic provisions of New York compulsory education laws are listed in the table below. See FindLaw's Compulsory Education section to learn more.

Code Section Educ. §§3201, et seq.
Age at Which School Attendance is Required Between 6 and 16
Exceptions to Attendance Requirements Non-public or home instruction; mental/physical condition endangers him or others; completed 4 year high school program; full-time employment certificate; may also be allowed to attend part-time with employment
Home School Provisions Instruction given to a minor must be at least substantially equivalent to the instruction that would be received by minors of like age and attainments in the public school where child resides
Penalties on Parents for Noncompliance 1st offense: fine not exceeding $10 or 10 days jail; subsequent offense: up to $50 and/or 30 days jail

Note: State laws are constantly changing -- contact a New York education attorney or conduct your own legal research to verify the state law(s) you are researching.

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