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Rochester Courthouses

Last updated: December 3, 2013

If you live in Rochester, with its low cost of living, great public education, thriving industry, and low unemployment, you know that living in this city is relatively easy. It’s no wonder, then, that Rochester’s centralized Hall of Justice makes finding a courthouse easy on Rochester residents. At the Hall of Justice, you will find almost every division of every type of court that the New York State Unified Court System has to offer: city, county and supreme.

Federal Court business in Rochester is similarly centralized in the Kenneth B. Keating Federal Building. However, just because finding the courthouse is easy, doesn’t mean conducting your court business will be. Below is a guide to the courthouses in Rochester, with links to appropriate court websites, contact information, and notes on the types of cases heard at each courthouse, so that living in Rochester can stay easy even when you have to go to court.