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South Dakota Legal Ages Laws

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Age of Majority18 (§26-1-1)
Eligibility for EmancipationUpon marriage or age of majority; by express agreement if no longer dependent for support or active military duty (25-5-19; 25-5-24)
Contracts by MinorsContracts binding unless minor disaffirms as permitted; may make contract except re real property or personal property not under immediate control; may be disaffirmed if minor under 16 before age of majority or within one year afterwards; if 16 or older, can only disaffirm with restoration of consideration plus interest (26-2-1, et seq.)
Minors' Ability to SueThrough a guardian or conservator or by a guardian ad litem (15-6-17(c))
Minors' Consent to Medical TreatmentMinors of any age may consent to treatment for venereal disease (§34-23-16)

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