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Knoxville Courthouses

Last updated: October 23, 2013

You'd be hard pressed to find a livelier country and bluegrass music scene than Knoxville, Tennessee. Our laid back city in the valley is proud home to the UT Vols (fight Vols fight, with all your might!) and the trailblazing TVA. Laid back as our town may be, its citizens nevertheless may find themselves faced with a court date for one reason or another.

The Tennessee judicial system is divided into big-time Circuit Court and small-time General Sessions Court. Fortunately, these courts are all housed in one primary courthouse in Knoxville, the City County Building. If you have any doubt as to which courthouse you should visit first, the City County Building is your best bet, though you may have business with the City or Juvenile Courts. Knowing which court is appropriate for your particular legal matter is critical to your success, so here is a guide to some of the key courthouses in Knoxville.