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Tennessee Wills Laws

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Code Section32-1-102, et seq.
Age of Testator18 years or older and of sound mind
Number of WitnessesTwo or more attesting witnesses must sign in presence of testator and each other after testator signifies to the attesting witnesses that the instrument is his will and he signs or acknowledges his signature, or at his direction and in his presence have someone else sign his name.
Nuncupative (Oral Wills)Must be made only by person in imminent peril of death and valid only if testator dies as result of peril; must be declared to be his will before two disinterested witnesses, reduced to writing by or under direction of one of the witnesses within 30 days and submitted to probate within 6 months after death of testator; only valid for personal property not exceeding $1000 unless person is in active military, air, or naval service in time of war, then $10,000; neither revokes nor changes existing written will.
Holographic WillsSignature and material provisions must be in handwriting of testator and handwriting must be proved by two witnesses (no witnesses necessary to the will).

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