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Galveston Courthouses

Last updated: October 23, 2013

As the transportation and tourism gateway to the Caribbean, Galveston combines the best of the American South and the Gulf of Mexico. A hubbub of activity for such a small city, the Galveston port regularly sends off cruise liners and shipping boats alike. Idyllic as such scenes may appear to be, our town’s residents may nevertheless find themselves facing a day in court, even if just for jury duty.

The Texas judicial system consists of three trial-level layers: municipal court, county court and district court. Municipal Courts are the smallest and handle traffic, parking or ordinance violations. County Court and District Court are both housed in the same building in Galveston, the County Justice Center. Additionally, Galveston has a specialized Juvenile Court. Knowing which court is appropriate for your particular legal matter is critical to your success, so here is a guide to some of the key courthouses in Galveston.