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Texas Cocaine Laws

The possession, sale, and trafficking of cocaine is illegal in all fifty states, as well as under federal law. In Texas, the penalties for the possession and sale of cocaine are dependent on the amount of drugs at issue. Penalties generally include some amount of jail time, as well as monetary fines. For example, the possession of even a small amount of cocaine (less than 1 gram) is charged as a felony, and offenders may be sentenced to as many as two years in state prison. The possession of more than 200 grams of cocaine can land you in prison for up to 99 years. Note that some counties in Texas offer diversion programs for first-time cocaine offenders in exchange for having charges dropped.

The table below outlines some of the main provisions of Texas cocaine laws. See FindLaw's Drug Charges section for more information.

Code Section

Health & Safety §§481.001, et seq.


Less than 1 g.: state jail felony; 1-4 g.: 3rd degree felony; 4-200 g.: 2nd degree felony; 200-400 g.: 1st degree felony; 400 g. and over: 10-99 yrs. or life at Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice institution and/or $100,000


Less than 1 g.: state jail felony; 1-4 g.: 2nd degree felony; 4-200 g.: 1st degree felony; 200-400 g.: Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice institution for life or 10-99 yrs. and/or $100,000; 400 g. and over: Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice institution for life or 15-99 yrs. and/or $250,000; Delivery to minor under 17 who is enrolled in school: 2nd degree felony; Within drug-free zone: penalties doubled



Note: State laws are constantly changing -- contact a Texas criminal defense attorney or conduct your own legal research to verify the state law(s) you are researching.

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For more information on Texas laws relating to cocaine, visit the links to related websites listed below. You can also learn more general information about cocaine and other drugs by visiting FindLaw’s section on drug charges. Finally, if you have specific questions or are facing drug-related charges, it may be in your best interests to retain a local lawyer experienced in defending drug crimes.

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