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Texas Prayer in Public Schools Laws

The issue of prayer in public schools has been a hot-button issue for quite some time, pitting the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment against the freedom of expression. Some states have no statutory provisions for school prayer and tend to rely on federal law, which allows limited prayer as long as it doesn't alienate any one group of students. Texas prayer in public schools laws provides students with the "absolute right" to voluntarily pray in a way that is nondisruptive.

See the table and links below to learn more about prayer in public school laws. For more information, see FindLaw's Religion at School section for related articles.

Applicable Code Section Educ. 25.901
What is Allowed? Student has absolute right to individually, voluntarily, and silently pray or meditate in a nondisruptive manner

Note: State laws are constantly changing -- contact a Texas education attorney, a Texas constitutional lawyer, or conduct your own legal research to verify the state law(s) you are researching.

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