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Seattle Courthouses

Last updated: October 25, 2013

Seattle. It’s an eclectic, and often times rainy, city. As a major coastal port destination and the seat of King County, it’s the largest city in the Pacific Northwest.

The “Emerald City” has it all: a wealth of history -- think “Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!,” as newspaper headlines shouted out during the Gold Rush, a beloved football team whose enthusiasm stretches decibel levels, The Seahawks, and a bustling music scene. There’s also some obscure coffee franchise with a 16th century Norse woodcut of a twin-tailed mermaid as it’s corporate logo.

If you’re a “Seattleite” living in King County, you know there are several of courthouses in the area. If you have a criminal, civil, probate or family law matter, it’s probably in the District Court.