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Idaho Insurance Fraud Laws

Purchasing insurance provides the majority of Americans with a sense of security when they embark on any adventure in this often crazy world. Unfortunately, some insurance holders look for a quick payday by defrauding and deceiving insurance companies to obtain payments for injuries that never occurred.

Idaho insurance fraud laws list a bevy of actions by both insurance holders and insurance companies that are considered illegal in the Gem State. This is a quick summary of the insurance fraud laws in Idaho.

The Multiple Ways of Violating Idaho Insurance Fraud Laws

The following table outlines the specifics of Idaho insurance fraud laws.

Code Sections

Idaho Statutes §41-293: Insurance Fraud

What's Prohibited?

In general, Idaho insurance fraud requires an act that is intended to defraud or deceive. Insurance fraud includes:

  • Any person with the purpose of obtaining any money or benefit, presents or causes to be presented to any insurer any statement as part of a claim for payment or other benefit, knowing that such statement contains false information concerning any material fact; or

  • Any person who assists, abets, solicits, or conspires with another to prepare or make any statement that is intended to be presented to any insurer in connection with any claim for payment or other benefit, knowing that such statement contains false information concerning any material fact;

  • Any person who presents to an insurer a false or altered statement material to an insurance transaction;

  • Any insurance producer or other person who willfully takes premium money knowing that insurance coverage will not be effected;

  • Any practitioner or other person who willfully submits a false or altered statement in connection with an insurance transaction or claim;

  • Anyone willfully making a false statement to obtain or extend worker's compensation benefits;

  • Anyone who offers or accepts a direct or indirect inducement to file or solicits another person to file a false statement;

  • Any person who transacts insurance of any kind or character, or transmits for a person other than himself an application for a policy of insurance, without proper licensing;

  • Any practitioner or any other person who employs a runner for the purpose of submitting a claim containing false information concerning any material fact;


Any violator of Idaho insurance fraud laws is guilty of a felony. This crime is punishable by a term of imprisonment up to 15 years, a fine of up to $15,000, or both. Also, the violator will be ordered to make restitution to the insurer or any other person for any financial loss sustained as a result of a violation of this law. Each instance of violation may be considered a separate offense.

If you have been accused of violating an insurance fraud law and would like legal assistance, you can contact an Idaho criminal defense lawyer through FindLaw. Visit FindLaw's sections on insurance fraud and other fraud and financial crimes for more articles and information on this topic.

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