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Idaho Marriage Age Requirements Laws

States regulate marriages that occur within their borders. Generally, an adult couple can marry whoever and whenever they choose in all states, as long as they're only married to one person at a time. Gender is often no longer a bar as well. The majority of states have legal same-sex marriage now, including Idaho since October 2014.

Child Marriages

However, all states have some laws relating to the legal age of majority or being considered an adult. In addition, states have laws about the minimum age, consent, and capacity required to get married. Many states permit parents, guardians, or the court, in some situations, to grant permission for a teen under 18 to marry. Even in states with this option, the courts will generally prevent very young children from marrying.

Marriage Age Laws in Idaho

The following table outlines the minimum legal ages for marriage in Idaho under different circumstances.

Code Section Idaho Code Section 32-202: Persons Who May Marry
Minimum Age without Parental Consent Anyone 18 years of age or older is considered a legally consent to marriage
Minimum Age with Parental Consent Young men and women ages 16 and 17 years old can also marry, with the consent of the parent or guardian.
Minimum Age with Court Order Children under the age of 16 can get a license to marry with written parental consent and a court order. A hearing will be held on the petition to marry under the age of 16 and the minors must be found physically and mentally developed to assume full marital and parental duties as proven by the testimony of a physician, or it must be in the “best interest of society” that the marriage be permitted.

If you’re thinking of getting married in Idaho, you may want to start by reading about the marriage and divorce laws in your state. Also, if you’re underage, you should seriously consider whether now is the best time for you and your partner to get married. It’s important to involve your family, friends, and religious community (if any), to ensure a strong beginning to hopefully many years of wedded bliss.

Note: State laws change all the time. It’s important to speak with an experienced local family law attorney about any questions you have or conduct your own legal research to verify these family laws.

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