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Indiana Heroin Laws

Despite movies and TV shows that may glamorize the drug trade, heroin, along with many other illicit narcotic drugs, is illegal under federal and state law. Additionally, heroin laws in the Hoosier State categorize the powerful opiate as a Schedule I drug, making any possession or sale a felony. So if you’re wondering just how much trouble you can get into for either having or dealing “just a little” heroin, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a brief summary of specific heroin laws in Indiana.

Indiana Heroin Laws

The particulars of state drug laws can vary significantly. The main provisions of Indiana's heroin laws are listed in the chart below.

Code Section

35-48-4-1, et seq.; 35-48-4-6, et seq.


Possession of any amount: At least Class D felony; Under 3 g. but within 1000 feet of school property: Class B felony; Over 3 g.: Class C felony; Possession of 3 g. or more within 1000 feet of school property: Class A felony


Class B felony unless amount is over 3 g. or delivery to a minor 3 yrs. younger or delivery in/on school property or within 1000 ft. of school property or on school bus, then Class A felony



Illicit drugs like heroin are regulated by both federal and state drug laws, and these overlapping statutes can criminalize everything from mere possession all the way up to manufacturing and cultivation as well as trafficking and distribution. Although some prosecutors can and will offer plea bargains to lower-level drug offenders in exchange for help building a larger case against higher-level producers and dealers, most charge convictions can carry severe penalties, including prison time and heavy fines. That said, in recent years more jurisdictions have created specialized “drug courts” that can help drug crime defendants avoid jail sentences in lieu of drug treatment programs and other options.

For related articles and resources, you can also visit FindLaw's Drug Charges section. If you think you might need help with a drug addiction or substance abuse problem, you can find online, phone, and in-person resources at Indiana's Family & Social Services Administration.

Learn More About Indiana Heroin Laws from a Lawyer

State drug laws and their enforcement are constantly changing, and can vary depending on the jurisdiction and specific facts of your case. If you'd like legal assistance with an existing drug case, or if you'd just like to learn more about Indiana's laws relating to drugs, you should contact a local drug crime lawyer to discuss your questions and concerns.

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