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Code Section 41-29-101, et seq.; 41-29-139
Possession <30 g.: $100-$250; second conviction: $250 and 5-60 days jail; third conviction: $250-$500 and 5 days-6 months jail; 30-250 g.: $1000 and/or 1 yr. jail, or $3000 and/or 3 yrs. prison; 250-500 g.: 2-8 yrs. and up to $50,000; 500 g.-1 kg.: 4-16 yrs. and up to $250,000; 1-5 kg.: 6-24 yrs. and up to $500,000; >5 kg.: 10-30 yrs. and up to $1 million
Sale Under 1 oz.: up to 3 yrs. and/or $3000; First-time offender with over 1 oz. but less than 1 kg.: up to 20 yrs. and/or $30,000; Over 1 oz.: up to 30 yrs. and/or $5,000 to $1,000,000; Subsequent offense: double penalties
Trafficking Anyone over 21 selling 10 lbs. or more of marijuana during any 12 month period shall have life in prison without suspension/parole

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