South Dakota Asbestos Regulations

While asbestos use may have been halted since it was discovered that inhaling the fibers can lead to lung cancer and other respiratory diseases in humans, but the after-effects continue to live on today in South Dakota. Perhaps you’ve been employed in the construction business, working with drywall and concrete materials, and regularly exposed to asbestos. Years later you learn that you’ve contracted a rare form of cancer known as “mesothelioma,” a disease which can appear in the human body anywhere from 10 to 50 years after exposure.

South Dakota Asbestos Regulations at a Glance

South Dakota has a number of regulations in place to help ensure the safest possible handling of asbestos materials. Below you will find a list of statutes, regulatory agencies, and forms you may need if you are planning to work with asbestos materials on a construction project or otherwise.

South Dakota State Statutes

Asbestos Regulatory Agencies


South Dakota:

Applicability of Asbestos Regulations

Compliance with asbestos regulations apply when:

  • Remodeling or demolishing projects which occur in public or commercial buildings.
  • Private residences and apartment buildings with four or fewer dwellings are exempt from the regulations.
  • Any project that is subject to these regulations requires a notification to the department within 10 working days prior to the start of the project.

Asbestos Project Notification Forms

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South Dakota Codes and Court of Appeals Opinions

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