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Utah Gun Control Laws

The national debate over gun control can rile up people on both sides like few other arguments can. But everyone can agree that the most important thing is safety. And the Beehive State has statutes in place to help ensure safety for gun owners and the public. This is an introduction to gun control laws in Utah.

Gun Control Laws in Utah

State gun control laws restrict the purchase and use of firearms within the state. While citizens are permitted to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment, certain weapons and accessories are illegal under Utah law. Prospective gun owners must be of the legal age to purchase and can’t have a violent crime conviction on their record, but the state doesn't impose a waiting period for firearm purchases.

Utah Gun Statutes

The table below lists Utah’s gun control statutes.

Code Section

Utah Code 76-10-500, et seq.: Weapons

Illegal Arms

Defaced pistol or revolver

Waiting Period


Who May Not Own

1. Convicted of crime of violence or on parole or under indictment;

2. Addicted to use of narcotic drugs;

3. Mentally incompetent or defective;

4. Illegal alien (handguns only);

5. Dishonorably discharged from Armed Forces (handguns only);

6. Minors (some exceptions).

Law Prohibiting Firearms On or Near School Grounds

Misdemeanor: 76-10-505.5;

Felony: 76-3-203

In addition to Utah’s firearm statutes, federal gun laws also regulate gun ownership, mostly by restricting the kinds of guns a person may legally own. As noted above, the Second Amendment does allow citizens to own certain firearms, but courts have allowed the government, both state and federal, to place some restrictions on the types of firearms people can own, who may purchase them, and how they can be purchased. In cases where federal and state laws overlap, federal law is always superior. Therefore, Utah gun owners are also subject to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and the National Firearms Act.

Related Resources for Utah Gun Control Laws

State gun control laws can be complicated. If you would like legal assistance regarding a gun matter, or if you just want to know your rights and responsibilities as a gun owner, you can consult with a Utah attorney. You can also find additional articles and information by visiting FindLaw’s section on Gun Law. And if you, or someone you know, has been injured by a firearm in the state of Utah, you may have recourse against the manufacturer, distributor, or owner of the gun.

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